Download TFT MTK Tool V5.01 2022

TFT MTK Tool V5.01 is a Repair & Unlocking Program for all Android devices, you can easily bypass FRP Protection, Reset KG, Reset MDM, and Backup IMEI. Restore IMEI, Factory Reset, Read RPMB, Format Userdata, & Remove Mi Account. Remove Huawei ID, Remove Password with Keep data, Fix Unknow Baseband, Permanently Unlock, and Reset NV Data. Unlock Bootloader, Relocking Bootloader, Auth Bypass, NVRAM Erase, Disable Verity, Remove Demo. Backup Nvdata / NVRAM.

Android System provides FRP or Factory Reset Protection security features on all android devices with Lollipop 5.1 and higher. Android adds this security feature in case your Android mobile gets lost or stolen and someone tries to use it when u have already added lock screen security (Pattern-Pin-Code-Fingerprint-faceID). So after doing the hard reset, you’ll be required to log in to the Gmail account you set up previously on the device, so without this Google account, you can’t access your android Phone.

Many Android phone users suffer from the problem of unlocking FRP Google Account verification lock. And With the development of Android versions, it has become very difficult to solve the problem. Even flash the Phone with an original flash, you cannot unlock and repair the device So this TFT MTK Tool gives to a way to bypass FRP and repair on your Android device safely, easily and smoothly.

Download TFT Tool v5.01

Here you can download the TFT MTK V5.01 Tool for all Android Device.

  • File Name: freeTFT_MTKVer5.01.rar
  • Size: 398.89 Mo
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download Link: Mediafire  – UseruploadUptobox
  • Password:

How to Use TFT MTK Tool V5.01

  • Download the freeTFT_MTKVer5.01 on your computer and click on TFT_V5.01.exe
  • I accept the agreement and click Next.
  • Enter the password: TFT and Click Next.

Enter the password: TFT

  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Install.

Click Install.

  • Wait Until the Tool is installed.
  • Click Finish.

Wait Until the Tool is installed.

  • Run TFT MTK Module.

Unlock Operation

  • Reset Protection FRP Samsung
  • Reset KG Samsung
  • Reset MDM Samsung
  • Backup IMEI Samsung
  • Restore IMEI Samsung
  • Factory Reset / FRP Reset Samsung
  • Read RPMB Samsung
  • Reset Protection FRP
  • Reset FRP Erase Method
  • Factory Reset / Format Userdata
  • Factory Reset / FRP Reset
  • Remove Mi Account Erase Method
  • Reset Mi Account / FRP
  • Huawei Remove Huawei ID
  • Remove Password Keep data
  • Remove Password Keep data
  • Reset PassCode Keep Data
  • Reset PassCode Keep Data

Unlock Operation

Direct Operation

  • Reset FRP on Boot Mode
  • Factory Reset + FRP Reset on Boot Mode
  • Unlock Bootloader on Boot Mode
  • Relocking Bootloader on Boot Mode
  • Factory Reset on Boot Mode
  • Bypass Auth on Boot Mode.

Direct Operation


  • Bypass FRP MTP
  • Reset FRP ADB
  • Erase FRP Fastboot
  • Remove the Lock Screen (Delete SystemUI) ( ADB )
  • Remove MiAccount (Erase Method) ( ADB )
  • Xiaomi Anti-Relock ( ADB ).
  • Unlock Screen Lock (ADB)
  • Reset PassCode (ADB)
  • Reset Oppo ID ( ADB )
  • Remove Huawei ID (ADB)
  • Factory Reset / Wipe Data ( ADB )


  • Partition, you can Boot info, Reset FRP, factory reset, and Auth security bypass.



  • MTK Flasher, BIN Flasher, OFP Extract, DA, Scatter, AUTH, and Firmware Upgrade.


Meta Mode

  • Meta Unlock Realme
  • Meta Unlock Oppo
  • Meta Unlock Vivo
  • Reset Protection FRP
  • Reset Mi account

Meta Mode

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