Download Miracle Thunder Full Version Without Box

Many people believe they can’t use BOX tools without the hardware box, but that’s not true. You can easily use Miracle Thunder 2.96 tool without any box; just download the tool & enjoy it.

Miracle Thunder Full Version is a small application for windows computers created by Miracle Team, which allows you to FRP Bypass, Unlock Network, Unlock bootloader, MI Account Unlock, Factory Reset, Read QCN, Factory Reset, Write QCN, Reset User Code, Flashing, Read Oem, Write Oem, Reset Oem, Lock Bootloader, Restore Boot, Read Pattern, Restore ROOT, Read PhoneBook, Read Network Code, And Fix Unknown BaseBand.

What is Miracle Thunder Tool

Miracle Thunder is a software application that allows you to Bypass a google account, flash, ROOT, and unlock SIM. read Info, Repair IMEI, Factory reset, Unlock bootloader, repair Bluetooth. backup, remove Mi account, repair SN… for almost all android phones.

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Miracle Thunder Features:

  • FRP Bypass.
  • Unlock Network.
  • Unlock bootloader.
  • MI Account Unlock.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Read Qcn.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Write Qcn.
  • Reset User Code.
  • Flashing.
  • Read Oem.
  • Write Oem.
  • Reset Oem.
  • Lock Bootloader.
  • Restore Boot.
  • Read Pattern.
  • Oppo OFP Extract.
  • Clear Anti Theft.
  • Restore ROOT.
  • Read PhoneBook.
  • Read Network Code.
  • Fix Unknown BaseBand.

Download Miracle 2.96 Tool

Here you can download the Miracle Thunder tool for Android devices. We have also listed down the supported devices that work well with this Miracle Thunder tool.

  • File Name: Miracle Thunder 2.96 Full Version
  • Size: 875.6 Mo
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download Link: Uptobox

Miracle Thunder Tool Supports a lot of android devices. Download Miracle Thunder Tool on your computer, unzip it and click on Miracle Thunder 2.96 100% GSM.

How to use Miracle Tool


  • Service
    • Read info l Read l Write l Format.
    • Rd UnLock/IME1 l Badsoftware l Rd Anti-theft.
    • Rd TeIBk l Wr TelBk l NV Read.
    • Bad Factory l Network Unlock l Repair FS l NV Write.
    • Clear Code(ADB) l Read Code (SIM) l Unlock bootloader l Unlock(SIM).

  • Unlock/Fix
    • Fix DL Mode l Read Pattern l Clear Anti Theft.
    • ROOT l Restore ROOT l Read PhoneBook.
    • Read Network Code l Reset Code l Clear Setting/FRP.
    • BT Addr Repair l Gionee Account Unlock l Unlock Network.
    • MEIZU Note2 Unlock Anti Piracy l MEIZU Unlock l Phone lock.

  • Extra
    • Open USB Debug l Memory Repartition l Fix Unknown BaseBand.
    • Back BPLGUI l Memory Read l Memory Write.
    • Write Preloader l Read Preloader l Init Modem.
    • Frp Remove l Oppo OFP Extract l Coolpad CPB Extract.
    • RAM TEST l Miracle AV.

  • Custom Setting
    • DA File
    • Auth File
    • Preloader


  • Read info l Read l Write l Format.
  • Rd Unlock  l File Unlock l Main Clr.
  • Read NV (Nand) l Write NV (Nand) l Backup Phonebook l Rd HWinfo.
  • Clear Code (Android) l ROOT (ADB) l Backup Mobile ADB l Wr HWinfo.
  • Reset User Code l Restore Boot l SP Unlock(Beta) l FRP Reset.
  • Miracle AV l Restore Backup (AV).


  • Unlock
    • Read Info l Enable Diag
    • Reboot
    • Lock Bootloader l Unlock Bootloader.
    • Reboot Edl Mode from fastboot l Forced Edl Mode from Box.
    • Read Codes(Network) l New Method [Need root Access).
    • Direct Unlock(Network) l No Root Method l Auto Backup Qcn.
    • ‘ Read Qcn l Write Qcn l Factory Qcn Format.

  • Repair
    • Factory Reset l Remove Account Locks l
    • EDL Mode – ADB Mode – Fastboot Mode.
    • Read Efs l Write Efs l Reset Efs.
    • Read Oem l Write Oem l Reset Oem.
    • Repair Boot.

  • Flashing

  • Read/Format Flash
    • Read Partitions l Read Flash l Read Pattern
    • Factory Reset l Direct Unlock.
    • Write Selected l Wipe Selected l Repair FS

  • Extra
    • MI Account Unlock l MI Prevent Relock
    • MI BL UnLock l MI Edl (9008) Point Contact Bitmap
    • OPPO Repair Baseband
    • Asus FRP UnLock l Meizu Account Unlock
    • OPPO Account Unlock l Vivo Account UnLock
    • Remove Account Lock (Other) l EMMC Test(EDL)
    • Direct Unlock(Network)(EDL).


  • Repair/Unlock/Flash (CDMA)
    • Read Info l Read  l Write
    • File Unlock l SP Unlock l MI Repair IMEI (Ml)
    • Enable Diag (ADB) l LG Reset User Lock (Download Mode)
    • LG FRP Remove (Download Mode)
    • LG Unlock Network
    • Mi Account Reset l Qualcomm Hand on Logo Fixed

  • Qualcomm Flasher


  • Read l Write l Rd Unlock.
  • File Unlock l ReSet.
  • Format.


  • ReadInfo l Read l Write l Format.
  • Rd Unlock l File Unlock.
  • Read NV l Write NV.


  • Read Info l Reset Phone Lock l Read PIT
  • Backup Efs l Restore Efs l Analise PIT File
  • Factory Reset l Sprint Relock l Reset Gmail
  • Network Unlock l Sprint Unlock l Enable Diag Port
  • Reset Frp l Repair DRK(ADB) l Repair DRK
  • Reset Reactivation/EE Locks l Service l Write Flash
  • Reset Frp (ADB) l Reset FRP/Reactivation/EE Locks


  • MEP/Flashing
  • Repair section
  • Rebranding
  • Rebuild EFS


  • Format Change
  • Change Font l Change Color
  • Change Theme l Download Shell


  • Flasher
    • Flash Firmware l Factory reset l Generate Script
    • Reboot after Flash

  • MTK
    • Read Code (SIM) l Unlock (SIM)

  • Qualcomm
    • Unlock l Read Security l Write Security.

  • HiSilicon
    • Read NV l Write NV l Write Flash.


  • ADB
    • Clear Code l Readinfo l Reboot Recovery
    • Wipe/factory reset l Reset Gmail l  Read Pattern Code
    • ROOT(ADB) l Reboot fastboot  l Read NVRAM
    • Install APK l Write NVRAM
    • Google Lock remove l Read Gmail ID l Backup contacts
    • Restore contacts l Backup APP l Restore APP
    • Enable Diag(Qualcomm) l  Repair Wifi(Mtk) l Enable All Languages
    • Backup SMS l Sideload ZIP l Reboot Download
    • Restore SMS l Wipe Dalvik-cache l Mi Account Reset

  • ADB (extra)
    • Motorola FRP Reset l Samsung DRK Repair
    • Oppo UnLocks l Oppo Network Unlock
    • Oppo FRP Reset l Mi Remove All Lock
    • Generic FRP Reset l Oppo RSA secret key l Oppo Unlocks(2)

  • Fastboot
    • Readinfo l Wipe Userdata l Wipe Cache
    • Write data l Unlock bootloader l Lock bootloader
    • FRP Reset(Micromax Yuphoria/Series Qualcomm)
    • File-Lock l Get Token l Goto-RUU
    • Repair IMEI l Repair MEID l Flashzip
    • Reboot Normal l Remove Fip Universal l Erase Imei Universal
    • Vivo Unlocks l Vivo Unlock bootloader l Vivo lock BL
    • Lyf Unlocks l Lyf Unlock bootloader l Mi repair Wifi
    • OnePlus3 FRP Reset l Enable USB Debug
    • Nexus6 FRP Reset l Mi Account Reset

  • Fastboot (extra)
    • Moto bootloader warning fix
    • Asus FRP Reset

    • HTC
      • Readinfo l NCK/NSCK l Unlock Android gold card.
      • Unlock Simlock (DESIRE C) l Reset FRP l Sprint Unlock.

  • Fastboot (extra)
    • Broadcom
      • Firmware Flash
      • Flash Mode: Fastboot Mode l Download Mode.
      • Save 2g/3g cal data
      • Save User data
      • Reboot Flash.
      • Erase Before Write.

    • Readinfo l Clear Code l Read Pattern code.
    • Wipe/factory reset l ROOT(ADB) l Google Lock remove.
    • Read Gmail ID.

  • Nokia
    • Android
      • Readinfo l Reboot Recovery l Reboot Fastboot
      • Restore contacts l Backup contacts
      • ROOT(ADB) l Write Flash.

  • Nokia
    • Lumia
      • Firmware flash
      • Factory reset l Full Nvi Update l Reboot after flash
      • Readinfo l Write Flash

  • AV
    • Package List.
    • Show System Packages l Show Third-PartyFackages.
    • Show disable l Show Enabled Packages.
    • Make Backup of Packages l Reboot After Removal.
    • Get Package List.
    • Remove Selected Packages.

  • MTK Flasher.
    • Load DA.
    • Scatter Path.
    • Auth Path.
    • Format Device before flash.
    • Write flash l Format.

  • Intel
    • ASUS
      • xFSTK Download l Repartition.
      • Repair Security l Push l Instal-Apk.
      • Format Factory l Flash.
      • Read Info l Factory Reset l Format All.
      • Root l Unroot l Fastboot-mode.
      • Enable USB Debug l FRP Remove.

  • Intel
    • Lenovo
      • Repair IT l Push l Instal-Apk
      • Flash  l Pack Miracle
      • Read Info l Factory Reset l Format All
      • Root l Unroot l Fastboot-mode
      • Enable USB Debug l FRP Remove

  • Xiaomi
    • Read info l Go recovery l Go bootloader.
    • Chek-Fastboot l Format-all l Reset Micloud.
    • Flash -pack l Format.
    • Write-Img[ManualFlash) l Mi Account Reset.
    • Mi Account Reset(ADB).

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