1. i cant open Emergency backup my phone stayed at huawei logo and than open the device i cant go to Emergency backup i try all methods device p 30 128gb

  2. my huawei P30 format already after i go emergency backup to continue after my P30 the phone slow (emergency backup data partition corrupted rest and continue)but i try many time also same what to do

  3. The problem is: I got this Huawei P30 Pro but it’s fully locked with PIN numbers and Google Account.

    I’ve tried over 3-4 different methods including this one described here, but my phone just don’t boot on emergency backup mode. It freezes at the Huawei logo for like… ever. I’ve waited over 30min for it once.

    I’ve tried the emergency call and TalkBack methods and all were useless on my phone. I even tried to search for any PC software that could supposedly unlock FRP or somehow bypass the Google Account bond with this Phone.

  4. Mi telefono es Exe: Huawei P30
    Model : MAR-LX3A
    Build Number : MAR-L03A

    No me da la opción de respaldo de emergencia. Que opciones tengo para recuperarlo.


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