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GPT Tool is a tool that is used to remove the screen lock from your Android device. It can also be used to factory reset your device, install Apk files, read the EMMC, wipe the Dalvik cache, remove FRP, repair IMEI, remove the Sprint logo, flash Zip firmware ROM, and back up your data. The GPT Tool is a handy tool for Android users.

GPT Tool is a great android tool If you are looking for complete android tools that help to do things that are not easy. Download the GPT Tool and install it on your computer. You can unlock the FRP locks, unlock the sim, and remove the pattern lock. Repair IMEI, Reset Gmail ID, Remove Screen Lock, Factory Reset, Install Apk, and enable all Languages. Factory Backup, SPD Flashing, ADB File Explorer, Remove Hang On LOGO, HTC Flashing, Nokia X flasher. MTK Remove FRP, Write IMEI, Wipe Data, Reset Pattern, Repair DRK, Flash tool, Backup ROM…

You can download the GPT Tool for Free. This article will explore the tool and enjoy its new features. We will also focus on how to install and activate GPT Tool to get the complete services provided by developers.

GPT Tool Features:

  • Reset Gmail ID.
  • Remove Screen lock.
  • Factory Reset.
  • Install Apk.
  • Read EMMC.
  • Wipe Dalvik.
  • Remove FRP.
  • Repair IMEI.
  • Remove Sprint Logo.
  • Flashing Zip Firmware ROM.
  • Backup Enable All Languages.


Download GPT Unlock Software

Looking to download the GPT Tool and take full advantage of its features? Follow our simple guide to get started.

  • File Name: GPT Tool.exe
  • Size: 110.76 Mo
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Download GPT Tool: MediafireUptobox

How to Install GPT 1.0.3

  • Run GPT_Tool_V1.0.3_Setup.exe and select your language.
  • Click Next to Continue.

GPT Tool

  • Choose the destination folder and click next.
  • Create a desktop icon and click Next.
  • Click Install to begin the installation.

  • Wait Until the GPT Tool is installed
  • Click finish.

How to Activate the GPT v1.0.3

  • Run the gptKeygen.exe

  • Launch the GPT TOOL and copy the SN Code.

  • Paste the SN Code in the SerialNumber.
  • Cope the Activation Key.

  • Paste the Activation Key in the Key then click on Activate.

How to use GPT Tool


  • Main
    • Read info(Extra) | Read(CPU)info | Read(Build.prop)info | Read Battery Status.
    • Read GmallID | Reset Gmail ID | Remove Screen lock | Factory Reset.
    • RebootNormal | Reboot Edl | Reboot Fastboot | Reboot Recovery.
    • Reboot Download | Power OFF | Rd Cpu Usage | Google Lock Remove.
    • Kill ADB Server | Exit Safe Mode | Adb Cleaner | Install Apk.
    • Wipe Dalvik | Wipe(Battery) | RestopreBackup(.ab) | PullFile.
    • Backup All Apps | Puch File | Backup phone(.ab) | StartADBServer.
    • Remove FRP | Open Settings | Start Google Login | Enable ArabicLang(W/R).
    • Fastboot info | Fastboot Wipe | Fastboot GetVarAll | Fastboot Remove FRP.
    • Fastboot Reboot | FastbootFRMCIr | Fastboot EraseNVM | FastbooWipe(NVM+EFS).
    • Fastboot Edl | Fastboot Edl2 | Fastboot killPhone(erase about to 9008)To Flash.

GPT Tool


  • IMEI Repair
    • Write IMEI.
    • IMEI Repair method (adb+root+busybox).

GPT Tool


  • MTP Mode
    • Read info(Extra) || WipeData (factory reset).
    • Reboot download || Reset Pattern.
    • Exit Download Mode || Disable Factory Mode.
    • Repair DRK(Root Key) || Read Key ID.
    • Remove Sprint Logo || Reboot Device.
    • Remove Factory Mode || EnableDiag(‘=0808=).
    • FRP Call (123) || Remove Screen lock.

GPT Tool

  • Flasher
    • Flash PIT.
    • Flash BOOT.
    • Flash PDA.
    • Flash MODEM.
    • Flash CSC.

  • ROM Backup.


  • Fastboot
    • Files for Flashing Partition || Files for Flashing RMP.
    • Files for Flashing TZ || Files for Flashing A boot.
    • Files for Flashing boot || Files for Flashing Recovery.
    • Files for Flashing Modem || Files for Flashing System.
    • Files for Flashing Userdata || Files for Flashing Persist.
    • Files for Flashing cache || Files for Flashing Modemst1.
    • Files for Flashing Modemst2 || Files for Flashing Misc.
    • Files for Flashing OEM iNFO || Files for Flashing Fsg.
    • Files for Flashing Log || Files for Flashing Sdi || Files for Flashing Sbl1.

  • Qualcomm
    • Enable Diag.
    • Enable All Languages.
    • Repair IMEI.

  • Hisilicon
    • Enable All Languages.


  • Flashing System || Flashing Boot.
  • Flashing Recovery || Flashing Variant.
  • Flashing Data || Flashing Cache.
  • Flashing Preload.

GPT Tool


  • ADB backup.

Download GPT Tool


  • Read Info || GetToken || GetVarall.
  • Flashing Partition || Flashing Zip Firmwares.


  • Enable Diag || Android 6 Unlock || Remove FRP.
  • Remove FRP 6.0.1 || Reboot Download.
  • Remove Screen Lock || Remove FRP.
  • Write IMEI.


  • Enable Diag || Unlock.
  • Write IMEI.
  • Asus Flasher.


  • SPD Flasher.
  • Remove Screen lock.


  • ADB EMMC Read.
  • Read Info || Read Blocks || Start backup.


  • Fastboot.
    • HTC || MOTO.
    • Xiaomi || MMX.
    • Yuphoria || Deep.
    • Micromax || Lenovo.
    • Start Google login ADB || Mor.
    • Open Settings ADB || Remove all FRP ADB.
    • Remove FRP ADB mode.
    • Factory Reset.

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  1. Does this app bypass install block from Xiamoi ZMi Z1? I can not install any apps in this phone and i cant get access to developers mode. Its Android kitkat 4.4.4 running on this device. Is there any solutions for my feature phone? Cant even root it.


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