1. Hello guys I have cracked the phone and here under are the steps I followed, no PC no talkbalk.
    1. Wipe phone
    2. Insert simcard with Data package
    3. Dial emergency Number (where I live my network provider has a 911 number)
    4. As the emergency call is on going dial a number and save that number on the phone
    5. Edit the saved number to include the following detail (Email: xxxxxx@gmail.com)
    6. Complete action using (Email/Gmail)
    7. Hard click on the gmail icon it will take you application info
    8. On Gmail click on Notifications
    9. Then click on More settings which is at the very Bottom
    10. It will take you to the next screen which has 3 dots on the right
    11. Click on the three dots
    12. Click on manage accounts
    13. This takes you to settings (Now you inside phone settings)
    14. Click on application manager at the top
    15. Click on Google App
    16. Click notifications on the google app
    17. More Settings (This takes you to show cards options)
    18. Click the show cards button this will take you to Google
    19. Type Chrome
    20. Download FRP files from FRP Bypass
    21. Google account manager 6 and FRP bypass

    The phone is opened even when they blocked the privacy and share option

    Hope this works

  2. youtube app says an upgrade but it can not possible because when I click on upgrade then previous verify option comes towards. please help me what should I do ???


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