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Download Power Gsm FRP Tool Free Repair TOOL 2020

Power Gsm FRP Tool is a is a free tool for Unlock your Android mobile, it helps you to Read Information of android device, Remove Lock Screen, Enable Language root, Restore original IMEI, Remove security log notification, Reboot to Recovery, Reboot to Download, Reset efs, Reset FRP, Enable ADB, Reset FRP ADB, Wipe data factory reset, Mi account anti relock, Make android Arabic without Root, Reset EFS by TWRP, Open diag, Repair NVRAM, Fix baseband Unlock bootloader, and Re-lock bootloader. So if you are looking for repair tools, just Download Power Gsm FRP Tool for FREE.

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Download Power Gsm FRP Tool

Here you can download Power Gsm FRP Tool for Android Device.

File Name: Power Gsm FRP Tool.rar

Size: 6.80 Mo.
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
Download Power Gsm FRP Tool: MediaFire4sharedUserupload Password: frpbypass.net

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How to Install Power Gsm FRP Tool


1- Run Power Gsm FRP Tool setup v0.1.exe then click Next.

2- I accept the agreement then click Next

3- Choose the destination location and Click Next to Continue.

5- Click Next to Continue.

6- Click Next.

6- Check Create a desktop shortcut then click Next.

7- Click Install and Wait Until the Power Gsm FRP Tool installed.

8- Click Next to Continue

5- Click finish to Launch Power GSM Tool.

How to use Power Gsm FRP Tool

Run Power Gsm Tool.exe As an administrator.

  • Samsung
    • Read Info – Remove Lock Screen – Enable Language root
    • Restore original IMEI – Remove security log notification
    • Reboot to Recovery – Reboot to Download – Reset efs – Reset FRP

  • Huawei
    • Read Info Fastboot – Enable ADB – Reset FRP ADB

  • Lenovo
    • Wipe data factory reset – Reset FRP.

  • Xiaomi
    • Read info ADB – Mi account anti relock – Reset EFS by TWRP Recovery Mode
    • Open diag method 1 – Open diag method 2

  • HTC
    • Info fastboot – Info ADB – Reset FRP ADB

  • MTK
    • Read info – Reset FRP – Repair NVRAM

  • Qualcomm
    • Wipe data factory reset – Reset FRP – Fix baseband
    • Unlock bootloader – Re-lock bootloader


  • Fastboot
    • Reboot to Normal – Unlock Bootloader LG – Re-lock Bootloader LG

  • ADB
    • Read info – Reset FRP – Remove lock screen
    • Wipe data factory reset – Wipe data factory reset enet tab
    • Make android Arabic without Root
    • Reboot to fastboot – Reboot to recovery
    • Reboot to download – Reboot to EDL mode (QDLoader 9008)

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