Download MTK Meta Unlock V35 Tool

MTK Meta Unlock V35 Tool is free windows Unlock Software which you will be able to Disable Auth, Read Adb Information, Read Fastboot Info, Dump Preloader, and Analyze Preloader. Analyze MTK, Crash Preloader To Brom, FRL-L22 Y9A DL to Brom, Remove Vivo Remove, Disable Payjoy APP, Read NVRAM, Write NVRAM, Wipe NVRAM. Wipe NVRAM NVDATA, Unlock Network, Reboot to META, Reboot to Factory Mode, Reboot Reboot to Fastboot.. Exit Fastboot Mode, Extract Super IMG, Extract OFP.

By using this Unlock V35 Tool, you can also Extract Samsung MTK ROM, Extract Huawei MTK UPDATE, Extract OnePlus ROM, Extract LG ROM, Extract RedMagic, Dump Modem Database, Read PART. Format PART, Write PART, Dump NV Regions, Dump USER AREA, Dump PGPT, Dump EXT CSD, PGPT to Scatter, Scatter to PGPT. EMMC Health Check, Factory Reset, FRP Reset PKG on all MTK devices, you don’t need to install the tool just Download MTK Meta Unlock V35 Tool, unzip it then run MTKMETAUtility.exe as administrator.

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Download MTK Tool

Here you can download the MTK Unlock V35 Tool for Android devices.

  • File Name: MTKMETAUtilityV35.rar
  • Size: 46.57 Mo
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download Link: Mediafire – Uptobox – Userupload
  • Password:

How to Use MTK Meta Unlock V35 Tool

  • Run MTKMETAUtility.exe as administrator.
  • For all MTK Devices, You can Disable Auth, Read Adb Info, Vivo New SEC Readlnfo (FM), Read Fastboot Info. Dump Preloader, Analyze Preloader, Analyze MTK DA, Crash Preloader To BRom, FRL-L22 Y9A DL to BRom. Vivo Demo Remove (AT), Vivo Demo Remove (MT6877T), Disable Payjoy APP (ADB), Read NVRAM (META). Write NVRAM (META), Wipe NVRAM (META), Wipe NVRAM NVDATA (FBT), Unlock Network (META). Read META Info, Reboot META, Reboot Factory Mode, Reboot AT Mode, Reboot Fastboot, Exit Fastboot Mode. Extract Super IMG, Extract OFP (MTK QCOM) , Extract Samsung ROM (MTK), Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK). Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops), Extract LG ROM (.kdz), Extract RedMagic (payload.bin), Dump Modem Database (META). Read PART (META), Format PART (META), Write PART (META), Dump NV Regions (META). Dump USERAREA (META), Dump PGPT (META), Dump EXT CSD (META), PGPT to Scatter, Scatter to PGPT. EMMC Health Check (META), Factory Reset – META, Factory Reset – META2, Gen FRP Reset PKG (META).

Use MTK Meta Unlock V35 Tool

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