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Download MRT key 3.19 Tool Full – Free MRT Tool Without Dongle

MRT key 3.19 Tool

MRT key 3.19 Tool is a free tool that works without any dongle or box which allows you to Read Info, Bypass FRP, Format device, Erase Password, Make auto Wipe, Format by Fastboot, Read device Name, Erase google Account, Disable find the device, Flash Tools, Read Flash, Write Flash…

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MRT key 3.19 Tool Device supported

Oppo: Oppo A5S, Oppo A33, Oppo A51, Oppo A53, Oppo A57, Oppo R7sm(R7s), Oppo R7 Plus, Oppo R9 Plus, Oppo R9 Plus mA, Oppo R9S, Oppo R9SK, Oppo R9S Plus, Oppo R11(R11t), Oppo R11 Plus(R11 Pluskt), Oppo A77 (A77T), Oppo F3 Plus, Oppo R11S(R11St), Oppo R11S Plus(R11S Pluskt), Oppo A71-QLM, Oppo R9M Oppo R9KM Oppo A37 Oppo A59M Oppo A59S Oppo F3 Oppo A71 Oppo A77_MTK Oppo A73 Oppo A79 Oppo A83 Oppo A1.

Vivo: Vivo Z3, Vivo Z3X, Vivo Y69, Vivo V3MA, Vivo Y67, Vivo Y75, Vivo X21i, Vivo X211, Vivo Y81s, Vivo Y83, Vivo Y97, Vivo Y97, Vivo Z3i, Vivo Z3i, Vivo Y93s, VIVO Qualcomm,Vivo Y3, Vivo Y51, Vivo Y53, Vivo Y55, Vivo Y55S, Vivo Y65, Vivo Y66, Vivo Y66i, Vivo Y71, Vivo Y73, Vivo Y71S, Vivo Y75s, Vivo Y79, Vivo Y85, Vivo Y89_Z1 Youth, Vivo Y91, Vivo Y91c, Vivo Y93, Vivo Y95, Vivo V11, Vivo U1, Vivo V15, Vivo V5 Plus, Vivo V7, Vivo V7 Plus, Vivo Z1 (Z1I)

Xiaomi: Xiaomi RedMi 3S, Xiaomi RedMi 4 prada, Xiaomi RedMi 4 markw, Xiaomi Mi MAX 64GB, Xiaomi Mi MAX 32GB, Xiaomi RedMi Note 3, Xiaomi Mi 5, Xiaomi Mi 5S, Xiaomi Mi MIX, Xiaomi RedMi 4A, Xiaomi Mi NOTE 2, Xiaomi RedMi Note 4X, Xiaomi RedMi 4X, Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus, Xiaomi RedMi 5A, Xiaomi RedMi 5, Xiaomi RedMi 5 Plus, Xiaomi RedMi Note 5A ugglite, Xiaomi RedMi Note 5A ugg, Xiaomi Mi MAX 2, Xiaomi Mi NOTE 3, Xiaomi MIX 2, Xiaomi Mi 6X, Xiaomi RedMi Note 5, Xiaomi Mi 6A, Xiaomi RedMi S2, Xiaomi Mi 6.

Meizu: Meizu Meilan 6T, Meizu Meilan 6, Meizu Meilan E, Meizu Meilan E3, Meizu Meilan Note 8, Meizu Meilan X8.

Qiku: Qiku N6, Qiku N6 Pro, Qiku N7, Qiku N7 Lite, Qiku N7 Pro.

Jianguo: JianGuo3

Lenovo: Lenovo S5, Lenovo S5 Pro, Lenovo Z5, Lenovo Z5s, Lenovo Z5 Pro.

Huawei: Huawei P10, Huawei P10 Plus, Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei MATE 9, Huawei MATE 10, Huawei MATE 10 Pro, Huawei MATE 10 Lite, Huawei P9, Honor V10, Honor V9, Huawei NOVA 2S, Huawei NOVA 2 Plus, Huawei NOVA 3, Huawei NOVA 4.

MRT key 3.19 Tool is compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows  8.1, and Windows 10.

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Download MRT key 3.19 Tool

Here you can download MRT key Tool for Android Device. We have also listed down the supported devices that work well with this GPT Tool.

File Name: MRT key free.rar
Size: 1.3 Go.
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
Download GPT Tool: Drive  Uptobox

How to activate MRT key 3.19 Tool


  • First, you need to know your Hardware ID
  • Run Loader_MRT-Key

  • A Hardware ID Appears, Copy it

  • Run MRT 3.19 Keygen Free

  • Paste the Hardware ID

  • Click on Generate
  • Copy the Serial Number.

  • Paste the Serial Number on Register Key and Click HERE to Register

  • That’s it MRT key 3.19 Tool successfully Registered.

How to use MRT key 3.19 Tool

  • Click on MRT 3.19

MRT key 3.19 Tool

  • OPPO
    • Read Info || Format (Unlock) || Erase FRP

MRT key 3.19 Tool

  • VIVO
    • Read Info || Format (Unlock) || Erase FRP || Erase Password Only
    • Make auto Wipe || Format by Fastboot
    • Read device Name

MRT key 3.19 Tool

    • Read Info || Erase Account || Format(9008 function)
    • Erase FRP || Format(Recovery Function)
    • Disable find device apk(9008) || Disable find device apk(USB debug)

MRT key 3.19 Tool

  • Huawei Tools
    • Huawei Unlock Tools
    • Huawei Flash Tools

    • Read Info || Format(Unlock) || Erase FRP
    • Read Mobile name

  • Others Mobile
    • Read Info || Format(Unlock) || Erase FRP || Erase Account

    • Read Info || Read Flash || Write Flash || Write Wipe data
    • Format || Erase FRP

  • Click on HW Flasher

  • MRT Huawei Flash Tool
    • Write Flash
      • Production mode to erecovery || Fastboot mode to erecovery

  • MRT Huawei Flash Tool
    • USB COM 1.0

  • MRT Huawei Flash Tool
    • Update Huawei Sof_Ver

  • MRT Huawei Flash Tool
    • Unlock Account
      • Erase FRP
      • Erase Account

  • Click on HW Toll cn

  • MRT Huawei Tool v3.3
    •  Common functions
      • Unlock Bootloader || Relock Bootloader || Read Unlock Code Bootloader
      • Remove Account || Factory Reset
        • Remove FRP lock || Erase Userdata(Fastboot) || Temporary Unlock Bootloader
        • MTK erase Anti-theft

  • MRT Huawei Tool v3.3
    • IMEI
      • IMEI 1  || IMEI 1 || MEID || SN
      • PCB SN  || BT MAC || WIFI MAC

  • MRT Huawei Tool v3.3
    • Flasher

  • MRT Huawei Tool v3.3
    • Advanced function
      • Bypass Huawei 8.0 account || Enable Huawei USB debugging

  • MRT Huawei Tool v3.3
    • Backup

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