Download Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A For PC Without BOX

Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A is a free Android maintenance tool that works without any box that allows you to FRP Reset, Read info, Format, UnLock IMEI, Unlock Network, Clear & Read Code(ADB), Unlock bootloader, Unlock(SIM), Read Pattern, ROOT, Restore ROOT, Fix DL Mode, Open USB Debug, Read Network Code, Clear Anti-theft, Read PhoneBook, Fix Unknown BaseBand, Clear Setting/FRP, FRP Reset, Backup Mobile, File Unlock, Reset User Lock, Mi Account Reset, Fixed Qualcomm Hang on Logo, Factory Reset, Repair DRK, Reset Gmail, Backup & Restore Efs…

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Download Miracle Eagle Eye Tool

Here you can download the Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A for Android Device. We have also listed down the supported devices that work well with this Miracle Thunder tool.

Filename Setup Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A.rar
Supporting system Windows 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10
File type RAR
Size 84.60 Mega
Download Link Mediafireuptobox

How to Install Miracle Eagle Eye Tool


  • Run Setup Miracle Eagle Eye 2.27A.exe & choose English then click ok

  • Click Next TO CONTINUE.

  • Choose the destination folder and click next.

  • Check to Create a desktop shortcut then click Next.

  • Click Install to begin the installation.

  • Wait Until the Miracle Eagle Eye Tool is installed.

  • Click finish.

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How to use Miracle Eagle Eye

  •  MTK
    • Service
      • Read info l Read l Write l Format
      • Rd UnLock/IME1 l Badsoftware l Rd Anti-theft
      • Rd TeIBk l Wr TelBk l NV Read
      • Bad Factory l Network Unlock l Repair FS l NV Write
      • Clear Code(ADB) l Read Code (SIM) l Unlock bootloader l Unlock(SIM)

  • MTK
    • Unlock/Fix
      • Reset Code l Read Pattern l ROOT l Restore ROOT l Fix DL Mode
      • Open USB Debug l Read Network Code l Miracle AV l Clear Anti-theft
      • Read PhoneBook l Fix Unknown BaseBand l Clear Setting/FRP

  • SPD
    • Read info l Read l Write l Format
    • Rd Unlock  l File Unlock l Main Clr
    • Read NV (Nand) l Write NV (Nand) l Backup Phonebook l Rd HWinfo.
    • Clear Code (Android) l ROOT (ADB) l Backup Mobile ADB l Wr HWinfo
    • Reset User Code l Restore Boot l SP Unlock(Beta) l FRP Reset.
    • Miracle AV l Restore Backup (AV).

    • Repair/Unlock/Flash (CDMA)
      • Read Info l Read  l Write
      • File Unlock l SP Unlock l MI Repair IMEI (Ml)
      • Enable Diag (ADB) l LG Reset User Lock (Download Mode)
      • LG FRP Remove (Download Mode)
      • LG Unlock Network
      • Mi Account Reset l Qualcomm Hand on Logo Fixed

  •  Mstar/W
    • Read l Write l Rd Unlock.
    • File Unlock l ReSet.
    • Format.

  • Coolsand/RDA
    • ReadInfo l Read l Write l Format.
    • Rd Unlock l File Unlock.
    • Read NV l Write NV.

  • Samsung
    • Read Info l Reset Phone Lock l Read PIT
    • Backup Efs l Restore Efs l Analise PIT File
    • Factory Reset l Sprint Relock l Reset Gmail
    • Network Unlock l Sprint Unlock l Enable Diag Port
    • Reset Frp l Repair DRK(ADB) l Repair DRK
    • Reset Reactivation/EE Locks l Service l Write Flash
    • Reset Frp (ADB) l Reset FRP/Reactivation/EE Locks

  • Huawei
    • MTK
      • Read Code (SIM) l Unlock (SIM)

  • Huawei
    • Qualcomm
      • Unlock l Read Security l Write Security.

  • Huawei
    • HiSilicon
      • Read NV l Write NV l Write Flash.

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