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Download GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool FREE Full Version Without Dongle

GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool is a repair & maintenance tool for most Android smartphones, including Samsung devices, Huawei devices, HTC devices, MTK devices, and others Chinese smartphones, and it contains many of the features That allow you Unlock Phone, Read Pattern, Wipe, Root, Reset Gmail, Reboot Fastboot, Backup contacts, Read Gmail ID, Install APP, Restore contacts, Backup APP, Restore APP, Motorola FRP Reset, Reboot Recovery, Google Lock Unlock, Sideload ZIP, Reboot Download, Samsung DRK Repair, Wipe Dalvik-cache, Reboot Normal, Wipe Userdata, WiPe Cache, Unlock bootloader, Write data, Lock bootloader, FRP Reset (Micromax/Series Qualcomm), FlashZip, Repair MEID, Repair IMEI, Goto RUU, File-Lock, Get-Token, Repair IMEI, Simlock(DESIRE C), Sprint Unlock, Goldcard, Virus Remove, MI-Repair IMEI, Enable Diag(ADB)… All you have to do is Download GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool portable version free from the link below.

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Download GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool

Here you can download GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool for Android Device.

File Name: GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool.rar

Size: 105.10 Mo.
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
Download GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool: MediaFire — 4sharedUserupload

Password: frpbypass.net

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How to Activate GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool


1- Run GSM_ALADDIN_Loader.exe as administrator

2- Copy the HWID KEY.

1- Run Project1.exe as administrator.

  • The Keygen app open

Paste the HWID KEY in The Keygen app and click on Generate.

Copy the Serial Key.

Paste the serial key in the Loader then click on Register Now.

Restart application to show changes

Run GSM_ALADDIN_Loader.exe as administrator again and click on Connect.

That is the Gsm Aladdin V2.1.42 Cracked Successfully.

How to use GSM Aladdin Unlock Tool

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  • Android
    • Common
      • ADB
        • InFo – Unlock Phone – Read Pattern – Wipe – Temporary Root
        • Reset Gmail – Reboot Fastboot – Backup contacts – Read Gmail ID
        • Install APP – Restore contacts – Backup APP – Restore APP
        • MotOrola FRP Reset – Reboot Recovery – Google Lock Unlock Sideload ZIP
        • Reboot Download – Samsung DRK Repair – Wipe Dalvik-cache

  • Android
    • Common
      • Fastboot
        • Reboot Normal – Wipe Userdata – WiPe Cache – Unlock bootloader
        • Write data – Lock bootloader – FRP Reset (Micromax/Series Qualcomm)
        • FlashZip – Repair MEID – Repair IMEI – Goto•RUU – File-Lock – Get-Token

  • Android
    • Allwinner
      • Info – Wipe – Google Lock Unlock
      • ROOT – Repair IMEI

  • Android
    • HTC
      • info – NCK/NSCK – Simlock(DESIRE C) – Reset FRP – Sprint Unlock – Goldcard

  • Android
    • Virus Remove.

  • Android
    • LG/MI
      • LG Reset User Lock (Download Mode)- LG Unlock Network – LG-Repair IMEI
      • Enable Diag(ADB) – MI-Repair IMEI

Ready Update:17-01-20 FAC: SN:

  • Android
    • MTK Flasher

  • Samsung
    • Flash/MTP
      • Factory Reset – Reset Gmail Read PIT – Phone UnLock
      • Analise PIT file – Write Flash

  • Samsung
    • Services
      • Sprint Unlock – Backup efs – Repair IMEI Sprint Relock
      • Restore efs – Repair MEID/ESN – Reset Reactivation/EE Locks
      • Format – Network unlock – Reset FRP – Reset Frp(ADB)

  •  Nokia
    • MTK
      • Info – Read_Password – Factory Reset
      • ReadFlash – WriteFlash – Read_NV – Write_NV

  • Nokia
    • Android
      • Info – Reboot Fastboot – Write Flash

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