Bypass iCloud iPhone 5s NO checkra1n

Apple has a security feature (Icloud) in its iOS, which is one of the tightest security systems, After restoring your iPhone 5s to factory settings, the iOS asks you to enter the last Icloud used in the iPhone 5s before performing the restore to verify the identity of the real owner of the iPhone 5s device. This feature is important and is intended to avoid misuse of the iPhone 5s device during thefts. But at the same time, some users got into trouble it, when they have forgotten their iCloud credentials after hard resetting iPhone 5s. So, in this tutorial, we have brought the latest method to Bypass iCloud iPhone 5s Remove iCloud Activation Lock NO checkra1n easily by following some simple steps.

iPhone 5s Specifications

The iPhone 5s was released in September 2013. iPhone 5s comes with 1 GB RAM and 16/32/64 GB ROM. The iPhone 5s has a 4.00 inches  IPS LCD with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, the iPhone 5s runs on Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone Apple A7, and is powered by a 1516mAh non-removable battery. The iPhone 5s comes with a single MAIN Camera 8-megapixel and a 1.2-megapixel on SELFIE Camera.

iCloud Bypass Tool

Download Sliver V5.5 For Mac

Download LeetDown_1.0_release.dmg

Download iPhone 5s 10.3.3_Restore.ipsw

How to Bypass iCloud lock iPhone 5s

  • Open LeetDown_1.0_release.dmg

  • Click on Skip.

  • Drag Leetdown to Applications.

  • Double click on the Sliver v5.5.dmg file to open it.

  • Drag Sliver to your application folder.

  • Open a Terminal window.

  • Type: sudo chmod -R 755

  • Find Sliver then click on Show Package Contents.

  • Find Resources Folder.

  • Drag & Drop Resources Folder to Terminal

  • Enter your computer password

  • The Sliver is ready to use.

  • Open Sliver then clicks on Bypass A7 iDevices.

  • Click on iPhone 5s.

  • Click on LeetDown Downgrade

  • Go back to the app then open leetdown.

  • Click Open.

  • Enter DFU Mode on Your iPhone 5s:
    • Connect your iPhone 5s to your Computer
    • Hold the Home + The Power Button at the same times
    • As soon as you see the black screen release the power button & Continue to hold the Home button.
    • Until a message appears in iTunes telling your iPhone 5s in recovery mode.

  • Click on Select 10.3.3 iPSW.

  • Find the Ipad 2 Mini IPSW on your desktop then click open.

  • Click on Downgrade.

  • Click Continue.

  • Click on pwnedDFU.

  • The device is now in pwned DFU Mode.

  • Once you see the Apple logo, Press & Hold the Home + The Power Button at the same time, Once you see the black screen Wait 2 seconds then release the power button & Continue to hold the Home button to Put your iPhone 5s in DFU mode again.

  • Go back to Sliver and click Dismiss.

  • Click on Run ipwndfu Exploit then click OK
    • Put your iPhone 5s in DFU mode again.

  • Click on Allow Unsigned Files then click OK.

  • Send STD Payload then click OK.

  • The iPhone 5s Bypass is Began.

  • That’s it, you have successfully Bypass iCloud iPhone 5s Remove iCloud Activation Lock NO checkra1n.

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