1. Hi, after connecting wifi and restarting my phone i get no internet connection (wifi disconnet everytime i restart).

  2. I can add an outlook account but “Tab on 3 Dots & choose Setting === Manage accounts ===Accounts” -> there are no 3 dots anywhere to enter these settings? Where do we go from there?

      • what you can do is download the quickshortcut maker and then put it on a SD card then you basically just have to log into an email account successfully, but ensure that your email account is set to non secure applications or ther wise it will not allow you to log into non native applications that was not produced by them, so for example if you using a yahoo account from a computer access your browser log into your email navigate to settings and enable nopn secure apps from then, then log onto the phones email app, once in there you can chose send email and add the quickshortcutmaker as an attachment and send it, then go to your outbox and basically find the email open it and then click on the attachment it will open from there i promise you, and in quick shortcutmaker all you need to do, is type Hauwei home, then select launcher, thats an alternatiive if the chrome application doesn’t open


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