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The best tool that can help you bypass FRP or unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi device, you should check out the Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool. This tool has features that will make it easy for you to bypass FRP or unlock your device’s bootloader. It also comes with a handy ADB Fastboot Tool that will make it easy to disable Mi Account on your device. You can also use this tool to back up/restore your device data.

Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool is a Windows software that helps you remove FRP and Xiaomi MI accounts, Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader. Disable Mi Account, Check Fastboot, and ADB Xiaomi devices. And Reboot any Xiaomi device to Fastboot mode, EDL mode, or recovery mode.

Google has added a security feature called FRP to its Android OS. It basically protects the personal data and privacy of Android users during thefts. But at the same time, some users have gotten into trouble because of it, when they have forgotten their Google or password credentials after the hard reset. With Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool, you can delete or bypass the google account without using any box. Follow the steps below, and you can Bypass FRP your device’s Google account.

Big Xiaomi Tool Features:

  • Bypass MI Account.
  • Bypass FRP.
  • Unlock Bootloader.
  • ADB Fastboot Tool.
  • Disable Mi Account.
  • Persist Backup/Restore.
  • Test points of many Xiaomi phones.
  • Reboot the Xiaomi device.

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Many Xiaomi phone users suffer from the problem of Unlocking or repairing Xiaomi phones. And With the development of Android versions, it has become tough to solve the problem. Even flash the Xiaomi with an original flash, you cannot unlock and repair the Xiaomi device. We must look for alternatives solution. So this Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool gives a fantastic way to Unlock and repair your Xiaomi mobile. You can get a safe unlocking experience for your Xiaomi device quickly and smoothly.

Download Big Xiaomi Unlock Tools

Download the Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool to bypass the MI account and FRP, unlock the bootloader, disable the Mi account, persist backup/restore, test points of many Xiaomi phones, and reboot the Xiaomi device.

  • File Name: Big Xiaomi Unlock Tool Fix Upload By
  • Size: 85.3 Mo
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Download Link: Mediafire

FRP Google account:

Xiaomi Mi 6,  Xiaomi Poco F1, Xiaomi MI 8, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. Xiaomi Note 5 Pro , Xiaomi Note 6 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.

Unlock Bootloader:

Xiaomi Mi Max 2, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, Xiaomi Mi 4c, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, Xiaomi Mi 9 Se, Xiaomi Note 3. Xiaomi Note 3Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a, Xiaomi Redmi S2…

Bypass MI Account:

  • Restart your Xiaomi device to Fastboot mode.
    • Turned OFF Your Xiaomi mobile.
    • Press and hold the Volume up + Power button.
  • Enter EDL mode
    • Turn on USB debugging on your Xiaomi phone.
    • Connect your Xiaomi device with a PC via USB cable.
    • In the ADB folder type this command: ADB reboot edl.
  • Choose your model device and remove the Mi account.

Device Supported: Xiaomi Mi 5 (Gemini), Xiaomi Mi 55 Plus (natrium), Xiaomi Mi 55 (capricom). Xiaomi Mi 6 (sagit), Xiaomi Mi 6 (wayne), Xiaomi Mi 8 (dipper), Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (sirius), Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (scorpio). Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (oxygen), Xiaomi Mi Max 2S (Polaris), Xiaomi Redmi S2 (ysl), Redmi 7 (onclite), Redmi Go (tiare).

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